Rabies Policy

TCVS requires all patients 16 weeks or older to be current* on their rabies vaccination in order to schedule a sick appointment or to be seen for routine or emergency care. If the rabies vaccine was given elsewhere, a rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be provided to TCVS prior to scheduling an appointment. A rabies tag is not proof of a vaccine.

*Texas state law requires all animals be vaccinated for rabies by 16 weeks old and stay current on their rabies vaccine thereafter. For an animal to be considered currently vaccinated against rabies, at least 30 days must have elapsed since the initial vaccination. The time elapsed since the most recent vaccination must not have exceeded the Texas State Law and TCVS recommended interval for booster vaccinations. All dogs and cats 12 weeks of age or older that are being transported into Texas must have been vaccinated against rabies and not be overdue.

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